Art League Scholarship

Application Form

for Studio Arts Classes at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette


Full or partial scholarships for the AMGL studio arts classes are awarded to children and adults who show artistic promise and/or to further hands-on training. The studio arts class program also includes guilds and workshops for which scholarship application may also be made. Consideration is given to those with financial needs and/or to those who have had little or no previous studio arts instruction. For further information, call the Museum at 742-1128.


Scholarship Policies for Museum Studio Art Classes and Workshops


Scholarships for Museum studio classes and workshops are awarded to children and/or adults who show artistic promise and/or interest in further hands-on training.


Please note the following:


·        Full or partial scholarships of the tuition may be awarded. Scholarships will be filled on a 1st-come; 1st-serve basis. Monies will be evenly divided between the three trimester class offerings that the museum uses.


·        An applicant may receive up to two (2) scholarships within a 12-month period.


·        Applicants over 18 must fill out the online application form themselves, not as a proxy for someone else. Parent/guardian can fill out form for children.


·        Scholarship application must be received a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to beginning of class. Notification to the applicant will be made prior to beginning of class, immediately following the Art League Scholarship


Committee decision.


·        Scholarships only apply to the class indicated in the application.


·        Scholarships are non-transferable and non-redeemable.


·        Scholarship payments are made directly to the museum. In the case of a partial scholarship, recipient is responsible for the remainder of the fee, minus a 10% Art League discount. Any additional materials fees are the responsibility of scholarship recipient. In severe hardship cases, additional stipend to cover materials cost may be awarded.


No application will be considered after the class has started.  Note that the form below requires a full width computer display to view properly but you can fill it in on a small screen by scrolling sideways.

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