Art League Scholarships

The Art League Scholarship program has launched many art careers and furthered many talented artists who want to develop their art skills and knowledge

Scholarships include:

Lucile Bertram Scholarship is awarded through area schools who submit CD's of college bound student work. The award pays for art materials.

Studio Scholarships pay for a museum class of the student's choice.

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Art Education Association of Indiana Fall Conference. A member of AEAI receives convention funding.

Tri Kappa's “New Artist” Two entrants of this 14 county exhibit receive merit awards.

Merit Scholarship College art student who volunteers at the museum as an unpaid apprentice.

Barbara Walker Lectures. Lectures are funded for educators and are related to museum exhibits.

Recipient of an Art League Scholarship in 2014 for class in Ceramics is shown here (on the left) with AMGL Executive Director and Ceramic instructor.

Ceramics instructor for the AMGL says, “My husband I co-teach ceramics classes and we are very grateful that the Art League’s Education Scholarship program continues to help ordinary people discover the extraordinary power of art! We have observed that experiencing a seemingly simple art class has awakened new awarenesses and confidences, not only in art, but in other areas of scholarship recipients’ lives. Scholarships have enabled life-changing events.”

These are the 2 students to whom Art League Scholarship Committee gave awards ($150 apiece) for New Artists 2017.

Lex Hull; Sculpture; Jeff High School; Teacher: Heather Terria

Brianna Agree; Drawing; Harrison High School; Teacher: Erin Laguire

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